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Advent calendars

I love the advent calendar tradition. Such a fun way to countdown to Christmas with the kids. Well, with Ty... Beckham has no idea.
I've always wanted one of the gorgeous wooden ones with doors, but I don't want to pay for one. And there are never any left during the half-price after Christmas sales, it seems. So we usually end up buying one of those dorky cardboard ones with the chocolates inside, which Ty loves... but I really wanted to get more creative this year.
I did a little search and here are some ideas I found:

Wow. This just completely amazes me. So beyond anything I could come up with. And you'd really have to start much earlier than now! Wish I wasn't so last minute working on this...

Love this one! This might be my winner! Not too overwhelming for me to start at this point... and super cute! Click here for a full, easy tutorial over at The Purl Bee.

What a super unique idea. I love the little paper tags that you hang each day so you can easily see how many days are left. This one also has an easy to follow tutorial, click here.

Look at these fab little bird pockets! I love how she hung them from branches... Click here for the pattern at Skip to my Lou.

Wow, this overwhelmed me until I read her tutorial. It's made of matchboxes! Actually looks really easy. And she plans to fill the drawers with fun Christmas activities printed on paper slips. I love that idea; a great alternative to candy!

Here is an awesome, thoughtful list of daily Christmas activities you could use in your calendar. I think I may use some of these ideas and incorporate some of our own to personalize whichever calendar I decide to make. Along with some chocolate of course. I found this list over at We are THAT family... Great blog! She also has a tutorial for a tree calendar you could make to use with your activities.

This gives me tons of ideas and a good start! Will you be making (or have you already made) an advent calendar? I'd love more ideas! Do share!

And make your detergent!!! Two more days to enter!

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Catherine said...

I am in the same boat with the cardboard/chocolate advent calendar and hate it! Wish I had the time to make one like ones you posted! Can't wait to see yours :-D