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Teapot and pinwheels

Oh, I am so excited!


1. While at Edgefield for dinner with some friends, I was browsing the gift shop and look what I found!

Looks familiar, right? If not, click here.

2. My sweet husband bought it for me!!!! Even though I don't really need it, and of course it was a bit overpriced.

But oh, is it gorgeous! And look at my set now!

Makes me smile.

I've also been having some fun with paper lately, working on decor for Beckham's big birthday bash. Today I made 12 pinwheels. They were pretty easy, and look how cute they are!

Can't wait to share all the other elements of his party. I may post some this week, and if not I'll do a big post afterward. Check back soon!

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Mindy said...

Can't wait for the party on Saturday! The pinwheels look GREAT!